Production of compounds for safety parts

Production of compounds for safety parts

compound and safety parts

By starting the production of brake compounds on a trial basis and conducting the necessary tests, preparing brake samples with pre-prepared molds and presenting samples of Idaj company parts to perform performance and durability tests and obtaining relevant reports and reviewing them in numerous technical meetings and carrying out Negotiations and review of functional and durability tests to carry out necessary corrective measures in compound formulas and production methods and achieve desired properties and then achieve desired results in the production of compounds. The baking of parts and finishing operations for their mass production began, and Kushan Bespar Part Company succeeded in producing brake parts based on the scientific and technical support of the company for the first time in the country.

Continuous communication with Idaj company in order to receive the technical demands of this company regarding the parts that it receives in bulk, based on the evolution process, on the need to eliminate the problems, they are rooted and solved, and this cooperation is still ongoing. In 2018, with the scientific advances resulting from the round-the-clock efforts of the scientific staff of Part Kushan Company, and in this regard, proposals were received from Cruise Company to request rubber parts for car brakes, and Cruise Company also entered this field and made proposals for the production of rubber parts. offered a brake that due to the high and superior quality of brake parts and its satisfaction and desirability and the history of cooperation with Idaj company, the production of the desired parts of Cruz company reached the desired result faster and its mass production also started for Cruz company, which The previous cooperation of Komafi continues. In the year 1400, according to the fame and reputation of Part Kushan Baspar company, regarding the superior quality of safety rubber parts production, especially car brake parts, Azin Taneh company also added to the company’s customers in the field of safety rubber parts (car brakes). became.

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