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History of Part Kushan Trading Company

about us

Part Koushan Baspar Company started its activity in 2003 to produce rubber parts of all kinds of car oil filters while using experts in this industry since 2010 until now due to the increase in the production level and the availability of suitable space, relying on the quality management system. IATF and employing trained and experienced manpower is engaged in manufacturing compounds and various types of rubber parts.

Our activity

Part Koushan Baspar Engineering Company, benefiting from the knowledge of formulation as one of its advantages and strengths, and using the Banbori machine and its peripheral equipment, is engaged in the production of various rubber compounds with different bases, including VITON, NBR, EPDM, SBR, SILICON. In this production unit, all kinds of industrial rubber parts are produced by press and injection molding methods by foreign machines and the presence of experienced operators and the integration of Iranian formula design.

Our activity

Strategy And Vision

This company only produces parts based on customer orders (Custom Rubber Part supplier) and its products are used in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, sanitary and industrial valves, irrigation and water supply equipment, and railway lines