The most important application of oil filter glue, which is also available under the brand name of hot plate glue, is in car oil filters. This product is placed in the category of hot melt adhesives, passenger and heavy vehicles can use refined engine oil using a high-quality oil filter. The filter glue must have high resistance against physical stress with oil and high temperature of the engine and any wear and tear. This product is such that when it is connected to the oil filter paper, it has perfect adhesion, and at the same time, it has a smooth and hard surface adhesion. It has excellent adhesion to various surfaces, including galvanized and polyamide, paper, rubber and plastic forming the oil filter. In the past, this glue was imported from countries such as China and Germany. But now, after discovering the formulation of this product, Part Kushan has succeeded in manufacturing it domestically.
The most important challenge that this product has solved is to prevent the import of foreign samples and the departure of currency from the country. The special and differentiating part of this product is the cost price and the access time for domestic consumers. Since this product has a three-month expiration date, its import process was accompanied by special conditions that solved this problem with domestic production. Currently, many companies producing car filters in the country supply their needs for this product from Part Kushan.